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Grey Bed with Quilt

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Over the years, patients and providers requested product recommendations. As with most things in life, It's difficult to make a small list because individuals are, well, individuals. 

The list I am constantly editing is based on design (efficacy and ergonomics), quality of materials used, price point, and support. From meeting with patients, providers, and vendors, below is a list to help navigate through the many options.

I interviewed and tried partnering with various vendors around sexual health but found it was cumbersome and ultimately, more beneficial to patients to simply point them to products on Amazon. To that end, I became an associate and I earn a (very) small commission from qualifying purchases. 

The curated list of books and products I feel best represent the questions I've fielded in my discussions. Always discuss your specific treatment with your medical provider.

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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