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Office Hours: M-F 9AM-4PM Central
(US holidays observed)


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Office hours:
M-F 9AM-4PM Central
(US Holidays observed)

Consultations are designed to equip patients with awareness of products and therapies they can discuss with their providers.

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Straight From the Source

Sara, I have been responsible for lining up speakers for our monthly meetings for the last seven years. I try to cover different aspects of prostate cancer from initial screening to advanced therapies for metastatic disease. I also try to schedule a speaker, at least once a year, to cover incontinence and impotence. Of all the speakers we have had on these these topics, you are the best by a wide margin. You really are the master of your domain and you share your knowledge in an open and most friendly way.

Us TOO Leader

 I attended a virtual Tex US TOO meeting. The presenter, Sara Sattler, gave information regarding some of the physical issues experienced by many men following prostate treatments/surgeries.  She was able to present the information in such a matter-of-fact manner that, I would say, most of us did not feel the discomfort some of us older men may tend to feel receiving such "private" information from a female presenter.  I also had a telephone conversation with Ms Sattler two days later and felt at ease discussing some very personal matters with her and receiving her recommendations.  I can highly recommend her service to others.  

Us TOO - Houston, TX

I have worked with Sara for two years to provide an educational service to our patients. She strives to ensure patients receive the most current, easy-to-understand information regarding their health and options. She has an intensive understanding of the diagnosis of patients and is able to provide the patients with answers to questions. In addition to providing exceptional care and service to our mutual patients, she has helped with educating the staff to better assist our patients as her goal is truly to provide the absolute best care possible to the patient. She creates a welcoming environment for men and their significant others in the most comfortable way possible. Her classes are informative, supportive, comfortable, and fun! I highly enjoy working with Sara and would definitely recommend her!

Woodbury, MN

I would be remiss if I did not share with you the awesome job Sara did last evening presenting Post Prostate Cancer Recovery to my UsToo group meeting.  Sara presented in such a manner that made you feel comfortable and so thorough that there were very few questions asked.  I learned a lot and so did the attendees.  I received calls after the program stating how much they enjoyed the presentation and wish she could be in every Urologist office to educate men and women on the before, during and after.  Sara is certainly an asset to the team.  Thank you for the referral.

Best regards,


Angela Duke - UsTOO Leader

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Several past participants requested a site location for gratuity. Tips are genuinely appreciated.

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